Jillian Tedesco founder of Fit-Flavors


“It all begins in the kitchen.” Jillian Tedesco created her company Fit-Flavors to help those who wanted to eat healthy but didn’t have the time. With this idea in mind she created a health and nutrition empire.   Continue reading “Jillian Tedesco founder of Fit-Flavors”


Simply a Princess- The double life of Mikaylin Padilla


At 15 years old St. Louis’s own Mikaylin Padilla had an idea. Starting with a simple Ariel costume, Mikaylin now owns her own company called Simply a Princess- a company in which her and several other girls of her own age, play out the magic of Disney princesses to bring joy to kids. From charities to birthday parties, the princesses stay royally true to their character. Continue reading “Simply a Princess- The double life of Mikaylin Padilla”