Jillian Tedesco founder of Fit-Flavors


“It all begins in the kitchen.” Jillian Tedesco created her company Fit-Flavors to help those who wanted to eat healthy but didn’t have the time. With this idea in mind she created a health and nutrition empire.  

St. Louis based Fit-Flavors harbors professional chefs that make all the food from scratch. From culinary school graduate to bad ass woman entrepreneur, Jillian makes #foodforthefit fun and easy for anybody going through that tough unhealthy period. And she does this right in her home town.

Her and her team create a wide variety of healthy meal options, pre-packaged and portioned.

She started out with giant coolers in her living room, selling her business out of her own home. We all know the inconvenience of having to cook a healthy meal each night of the week, every week. Jillian’s business makes the healthy lifestyle easier. As a woman it’s important to make a passion out of what you love, and Jillian did this with Fit Flavors.

Fit-flavors builds more and more every day. Jillian makes this happen because she takes time out of her busy day to personally attend each of the 3 locations in STL. A Smoothie Bar launched in April 2016, which uses 1st Phorm proteins only. High quality whey protein that are used in the smoothies. Kelsey Niederer, runs The Smoothie Bar.

“Smoothies these days can have as much sugar as  most candy bars now a days,” Niederer said,  “The Smoothie Bar is trying to change that.”

Jillian is so inspiring to the foodies out there as well as anybody who believes in a dream. Jillian believed in hers, and she’s living it. She attends woman entrepreneur conferences to further her insight, and also encourages a book club for her employees that features books that teach business confidence.


One thought on “Jillian Tedesco founder of Fit-Flavors

  1. I know Jillian! I love her – we are good friends. She is an inspiration to those who learn about her. 🙂 Great piece about her.


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