Simply a Princess- The double life of Mikaylin Padilla


At 15 years old St. Louis’s own Mikaylin Padilla had an idea. Starting with a simple Ariel costume, Mikaylin now owns her own company called Simply a Princess- a company in which her and several other girls of her own age, play out the magic of Disney princesses to bring joy to kids. From charities to birthday parties, the princesses stay royally true to their character.

“Simply a princess is a character entertainment company. So we go into children’s birthday parties and we entertain. We sing songs and teach dances, read stories, and take pictures, sing the happy birthday song for the kids.” She states. This past weekend I got to be apart of what Simply a Princess does- recording footage and taking photos of what the company is all about.

As Mikaylin played out the character Anna from the 2013 hit animated film Frozen, I was amazed. Mikaylin’s voice sounds like an actual Disney princess as does her partner’s, or the Ice Queen. The children’s reaction was as equally chilling, as the little girls laughed and danced along to the songs they well know from the film.

Mikaylin created this company on her own. When she played Ariel at a party held by her dance studio, she was then asked to do another party outside of the studio, thus Simply a Princess was born. Which, by the way, is a name coined by Mikaylin’s mother after seeing a sign that says “Live Simply.” Mikaylin and her mother fell in love with the name, and it’s a plus that it looks good in cursive. Eventually after having so many booked parties, Mikaylin felt it was time to hire more princesses.

Doubling as a Disney princess and college student at Missouri State University, Mikaylin works hard to get her BA in dance performance and entrepreneurship. She wants to eventually open her own dance studio and also run Simply a Princess on the side. “When I become more of like a fairy godmother I will get high school and college girls to do parties like I did.”

Mikaylin is the boss of her own life and her own company at the young age that she is. I myself and many others cannot wait to see who she will become and what her company will become


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