Nicole Williams- The teen girl who’s been there


If you could name another 18 year old who has been to India to fight for women’s healthcare and has over 10 international connections, I’d be shocked. Nicole Williams did, however. And she’s just getting started.

When I met Nicole I was 16 working with her at Cold-stone Creamery. I am not kidding when I say she is the most interesting woman I have ever met, and she’s not even old enough to drink. Nicole plays the violin, and was top in her class in high school. She did every club you can think of, from LGBT to student government. She also worked as a part time baker for her family’s friend at a super hip chocolate/wine bar, making over 100 cupcakes a night. Just in time to finish her advanced chemistry homework, all in all leaving her with a whopping 4.8 GPA.

Now let’s talk about her travels.

This past school year she was accepted into a sort of young Peace Corps. Among different categories Nicole chose what she’s passionate about: medicine and woman’s rights.( Oh yeah, did I mention she’s currently attending medical school?) Therefore in the summer of 2016 she got to travel to India by herself for two weeks, speaking to women about their feelings on their rights-women who don’t ever get asked these questions because their opinion isn’t valued.

She composed a seminar on the harmful effects of pornography, (previously in India  woman had been gang raped on a bus, twice.) The seminar was a complete success all because of Nicole’s decision to go against the taboo of sex in India for the benefit of it’s women. And it was genius. The women finally had a voice that was being heard.

This isn’t even the best part.

Because of her outstanding ambition in the program she connected with dozens of people all around the world, making friends and learning places. So you can guess that her next stop is to backpack around Europe in the summer with her new international pals like it’s Eat Pray Love. She’s already booked her ticket. Not only this, but she has family scattered nationally that are always there for sure when she needs a place to crash in between flights. She’s a prime example of “it’s all about who you know.”

Surrounded by a humble and loving religious family, Nicole is a golden star. Among a day and age where teenage girls are worrying about date night and “who’s getting the Malibu?”, Nicole is shaping her future, and the future of the world.



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