Lena Dunham: How Her Show Girls Influences Young Women to be Themselves

rs_634x1024-130424105023-634-lenadunham-mh-042413The HBO television hit Girlslaunched in April of 2012. Lena Dunham wrote the show, directed the show, and was also the lead character.

In the mean time she wrote her first book, Not That Kind of GirlWhich is a memoir that exploits her sexual escapades and lays out her mental illness on the table for everyone to see.

Although this makes her an incredible woman to  begin with, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Girls is not just a hit TV show, it’s a perfect representation of women in their most natural selves.

And I think it is the biggest influence for young women to be okay with who they are, what they look like, and behave.

Girls broke through “the glass ceiling” of the standards for how women are represented in television and media. 


The show touches on the struggles of insecurity, mental illness and homosexuality. Every character is absolutely human.

In fact, it touches on the real life mental illness that Dunham endures, obsessive compulsive disorder. She writes her real experiences into her own show, and according to her memoir, a lot of the events in the show are events that Lena actually experienced.

Lena does something that a lot of directors and writers don’t dare to do, which is have more sex and nudity than dialogue. Dunham doesn’t fit the picture that is women beauty standards, and she knows it, and embraces it. She is nude on her show more than any other character to show that it’s okay to not fit in and it’s okay to love yourself regardless.

The most genius aspect of Girls is the painfully uncomfortable reality of love and sex 

Lena’s character Hannah, goes through an off and on emotional and sexual relationship with Adam, played by Adam Driver. Their relationship is not candy coated for viewers, it is raw and emotional, and most importantly, accurate.


Lena Dunham made a bold move launching this reality on television, and she did it without apologies. And because of it, young women are gaining the confidence to be themselves because Lena gave them girls to look up to that are finally just like them.






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