Boss ladies come together: The international Women’s March


Women, men and children march for women’s rights on Market Street in St. Louis on Saturday morning. They’re holding up hand-made signs and shouting into the sky as they march for equality. They’re wearing pink hats and chanting, “Stronger! Together!”

According to CNN, marches took place not only in St. Louis, but globally. The message of equality became internationally sound. All over the world women marched for equality of race, gender, ethnicity, and reproductive rights.


The march originated in Washington, D.C. in 1913 when  5,000 women marched for the right to vote. That is, just one day before Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration, says The Smithsonian Magazine. Six years later Congress passed the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote and ultimately the right of way on the path to equality.

Fast forward 104 years, the women’s march has become worldwide. Over a million women march for their rights to equality the very day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Sound familiar?

Women haven’t stopped yet, and won’t anytime soon. From women’s suffrage and Susan B. Anthony bullying poll booth workers, to women shouting in their bras on the street.


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