How Girl Bosses are portrayed in print and broadcast media

hands-1167619_1920Breitbart outrages in print media and sexism out the wazoo on live television says a lot about how strong, intellectual women are being talked about in the news.

 In November of 2016 Daniel Flynn of Breitbart News wrote a horrific article about Hillary Clinton- explaining how, after she found out that she had lost, went into full tantrum mode and that aside from the fact that her marriage “should’ve failed by now” Clinton was too “worked up” to even address her supporters. The article was written by a white male, for the most far-right news outlet at the moment, (Steve Bannon AKA our actual president is the chief of the news outlet.) This should ring no surprise considering the fact that the article literally bashes Hillary into the ground, when it’s not leaving her aside from her husband. Women in power such as Hillary Clinton are portrayed in the media as such, all too often.

Not only in print media, but broadcast media too. There are real broadcast journalists that say “a hoe is a hoe” and “that cleavage is too much” on live television. I notice that white men are doing this, which, like I mentioned before, is no surprise. But my analysis is that the bigger picture is fear. Men have been in the bigger seats in this country for a very long time, and for white men, even longer. Men fear the idea of women being in power, therefore ever-so subtly or maybe not subtle at all shame women in print and broadcast media. On Fox News, CBS, and otherwise, there has been broadcast after broadcast specifically dedicated to the “message” that women politicians send with what they wear.

But obviously men aren’t the only ones spewing venom in media. There are television channels dedicated to “hot or not” photos of celebrity and gossip about women’s personal relationships on television. All in which women are the hosts. Not to mention the women broadcasters on the same channels as mentioned previously. A lot of the times my analysis or explanation for these women on these shows and channels are that they are just a victim of ignorance. They don’t know any better as women, because they weren’t raised to think this way, or otherwise. But in reality, there is no excuse for this behavior, whether a man or a woman. Women are just as likely to poorly portray (and betray) their own gender on live television as a man is.

What we can do about this issue is focus on helpful sites like Women in Media which exposes sexism in mainstream media. With education and time, this problem can be addressed more clearly.


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